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Monday, 9 Nov 2020


  • Released EDS dark theme in Figma.

Thursday, 5 Nov 2020


  • Added Toolbar component.

Monday, 21 Sep 2020


  • Added Table compact component.
  • Added Error validation in Table/Cell Text, Table/Cell monospaced numeric, and Table/Cell input.

Monday, 24 Aug 2020


Monday, 25 May 2020


Tuesday, 7 April 2020


  • Added Selected/Hover and Error/Hover to the Chips component.
  • Added Text + remove to the Chips component.
  • Added Read only states to the Table component.

Thursday, 5 March 2020


  • Updated Table Header text component to include unit, icon for sorting (users can drag & drop icons directly from assets), and applied Auto Layout. Auto Layout is a feature in Figma that adjusts the component based on the length of what the user writes. In the Table Header text this means that the Label, Unit, and Icon will resize and move as expected. The only adjustment the user has to do is adjust the width of the component.

  • Added component to Table Cell input: Table/Cell input/Active resting.

  • Updated all states for Table Cell monospaced numeric to be right aligned instead of left aligned.

Thursday, 27 February 2020


  • As a result of numerous requests, we have added Buttons toggle to Figma. EDS provides two versions, and you can choose to use either an icon and no text, or text and no icon. Read about how to use it here.
  • Added Ghost icon buttons for Buttons Secondary and Buttons Danger.
  • Updated background colour in Table Cell Active and Table Cell Hover to be more aligned with active and hover states elsewhere in EDS components.
FigmaExternal linkDesign in Figma

Thursday, 15 August 2019


  • The design components in Figma have been released. All editors in the Equinor Figma Organization can access them. See the video below to see how to open the component library.
  • This site has been updated with design documentation for each of the Figma components released. Make sure to read about the component group on the storefront before using. It is very important that we strive for consistency across the UX in the company.
  • For security, Figma SSO has been turned on. Read more about applying via AccessIT and SSO here.
  • The Slack channel #eds-design-system is currently the best place for support and questions regarding the EDS.
  • We are now focusing on the development side of the EDS. Stay tuned for more details.
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