EDS – Equinor Design System


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Developers should use the Equinor Design System (EDS) to easily sew together new prototypes, while focusing on application logic rather than front-end components. There will be two different implementations built that will be started and maintained by the EDS core team—hopefully with further development from the Equinor developer community.

  • CSS library
  • React library

The CSS and React libraries will be available via a package manager and CDN.

While you wait

Continue using the same tools as you have within Equinor recommendations. Once the first design package is ready, a subset of the designed components will be built by the core team. When that subset is ready, all developers will be both invited and encouraged to help with the implementation.

Please don’t make your own

Please refrain from spending resources making your own design system. The EDS is suggested for all new projects. If there are components missing that keep you from using the EDS, consider contributing (⚠️ link needed).


⚠️ More information will come soon to help prepare you to migrate your team and projects to the EDS.

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