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Figma access in Equinor

  • Instructions to apply for access and first time log in are on Equinor's internal Enterprise Wiki.

Joining a team in Figma

  • Have your team admin or owner add you to your team or search for the team you wish to join and request access.
    • You will be added as a viewer by default. If you plan to edit, ask your team admin or owner to upgrade you.
    • Viewers can:
      • View and comment on files and projects in which they have access.
      • View a list of all teams in the Equinor Figma Organisation.
      • Access the EDS components, styles and fonts.
    • Editors can do everything a viewer can, plus they can create and edit files.

Creating a team in Figma

New teams are created under the Equinor organisation area. When creating a new team, search first to make sure the team doesn't already exist. Projects should not be mixed, so make one team per project. Give the team an appropriate name, knowing that anyone in Figma can see the name. Please delete the default project folder Design System since this is not the EDS and can cause confusion. The user creating a team becomes the team owner, but can be re-assigned to another team member.

Team owner responsibilities

Team owners are the single point of contact for the Figma team, and the Figma administrators and EDS Core team will reach out to them when necessary. Team owners are expected to read and follow the Figma guidelines found here on the EDS storefront.

Access types

Open teams

Visibility: Everyone within the organisation can see the open team listed, join it, and see all of the associated projects or documents.

Permissions: Members choosing to join an open team will be given view access (with the ability to comment, inspect and export assets) by default so they can't accidentally edit something. Team admins can grant team edit access to individual people as necessary.

Good for: Companies that want to foster a highly collaborative environment. When people have a window into what other teams are working on, they have the opportunity to work more cross-functionally and can maintain consistent patterns across different products or projects.

Closed teams

Visibility: Everyone in the organisation can see the closed team exists from the View all teams modal, but non-members will not be able to immediately see or join the projects and documents inside.

Permissions: Users wishing to join a closed team need to request access to see projects. Team admins can permit or deny these requests and give the users the appropriate access level (view or edit).

Good for: This type is best suited for teams who can't share their work with the entire organisation, but can still benefit from everyone knowing about their existence. This gives people a destination to go if they do require access.

Secret teams

Visibility: No one can see that a secret team exists within the organisation, unless they are the creator or have been specifically invited to join.

Permissions: Owners of secret teams need to individually invite the members they want to have access. They can also set the appropriate view or edit permissions for each user.

Good for: This is for top secret projects that require access is given to only very specific subset of users. Examples are work done leading up to an acquisition or something that cannot have organisation-wide knowledge. This access type can be changed at any point to give these teams more visibility when the timing is right.

Via Figma


Members are any users that have been added to the Equinor Figma Organisation---their email needs to be an Equinor email.

Members are able to:

  • View and comment on files and projects in which they have access.
  • View a list of all teams in the Equinor Figma Organisation.
  • Access the EDS components, styles and fonts.

Member management

  • By default, members added to your team will be added as a viewer.
  • It is the owners' choice to upgrade the viewer to editor or admin. If you are unable to upgrade a viewer to an editor, reach out to the EDS core team on Slack.
  • Users are currently able to upgrade themselves to an editor by transferring a file into the team from their drafts. However, this can be blocked on a user-by-user basis by the admins of the Equinor Figma Organisation.
  • As the team owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that only those who need it are editors. Owners, admins and editors incur a monthly cost to Equinor---however, viewers do not. It is possible to upgrade someone to an editor and downgrade them within the same billing cycle.
    • If an editor is on an extended leave, change their account to viewer and upgrade them when they return.
    • If a team member is no longer part of the team, remove them from the team.
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