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The Equinor Design System (EDS) will empower you to design consistently and prototype rapidly. It is the official interface library for all of Equinor’s internal digital interfaces such as products, apps and web applications. Figma has been chosen as the tool for prototyping and design when using the EDS.


Figma is a collaborative interface design tool for UI design and prototyping. It increases efficiency with the added flexibility of team libraries (the EDS) with components, styles and fonts automatically distributed.

Platform agnostic
Figma is browser-based. It can also be downloaded as a stand-alone application for MacOS, Windows, Chromebook and Linux.

Real-time collaboration
Edit along with your team and see what they are doing in real-time.

Leave contextual feedback by commenting directly in the design file.

Quickly create and share your prototype with others for review or testing.

Your development team will always have view access to the current files and prototypes.

Device agnostic

All components have been created for interaction on all devices. This means that all interface components can be used easily by mouse, keyboard or touch input. This should help make the EDS future-proof to new technologies.

Please don't make your own

Please refrain from spending resources making your own design system. The EDS is suggested for all new projects. If there are components missing that keep you from using the EDS, consider contributing.

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