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About Equinor design system

The Equinor design system (EDS) is Equinor's official design system. It provides a collection of guidelines and reusable components that can be assembled in different combinations to design and build digital interfaces. All design and code components are high-quality, production-grade and accessibility-tested. This allows Equinor to manage design at scale by creating a single source of truth for teams to design, prototype and develop.


People first
The EDS creates a visual UI language that is based on standard UI patterns for real people.

It's a reliable, working system that allows teams to focus their time on creating great experiences and solving complex logic.

The EDS is open for all teams working with design and development at Equinor. Everyone is encouraged to contribute.


Built to be flexible. Its components are designed to work smoothly with each other.

It's designed and developed to be accessible to everyone---regardless of their ability or situation.

Meaningful motion
Motion is used to focus attention and is not decorative.

Maintains the same UI across platforms---using shared components, tokens and guidelines.

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