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Why should you contribute?

The EDS is first and foremost design-driven. We are always looking for people who can expand upon the patterns and visuals that have already been created. Not only will you help yourself and your projects by contributing---you will help the hundreds of other designers and developers across Equinor to provide a better experience for their users.

Making components

Creating components that are OK to look at for long periods of time and do not cause strain on the eyes is of the upmost importance. Making consistent patterns that will ease cognitive load for users is essential.

We need designers to help that can see the big picture. You are not creating a component for your project or for your taste. You are creating components that will be used by hundreds of designers and developers around Equinor. These components need to work for a wide range of applications. Additionally, you need to be able to explain the rules/documentation around said component. Explaining how it might interact with other components, exceptions to the rules that are set, as well as, the practical side of how to use it in Figma.

The butterfly effect

Changing components that have already been created is also a possibility. This needs to be taken very seriously as one small change in the assets, tokens or UI will ripple through all projects. Each file will be given a notification of the change---so make sure to push/publish changes in batches, as not to worry or overwhelm the design teams. While new components published will not have a notification if published alone, a notification will be given if they are pushed/published with other changes in current components. Constant changes can cause doubt or worry within teams as well, so setting an established time for publishing changes is something we strive for. Not only will the changes ripple through teams, but the changes of previous components also need to be considered against how that component interacts with other components.

Working close with development

You will also need to work closely with the developers who are taking these components from Figma and transforming them into code components. We are making the building blocks in which developers will develop, and all projects will be built upon.

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