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EDS's main goal is to create consistent interfaces and experiences while being platform agnostic. The system serves the people using it---the designers and developers. They are the real customers and are always at the center of the work when contributing to the design system. If we were not to have them in mind, we would do them a disservice to their users.

Building and maintaining such a system is no easy task. Components must be researched, designed, developed, tested and documented. Questions need to be answered, bugs need to be fixed and maintenance must be performed.

Roles and responsibilities


Users are employees at Equinor who will use the interfaces and solutions that are built using the EDS.


Customers are the designers, developers, document writers and project managers that are building interfaces and solutions using the EDS. They have a responsibility to report bugs.


Contributors are customers who are dedicating time back to build the EDS. These are people who are working for or contracted to Equinor. Contributors contribute by doing research, designing new components, testing, developing, maintaining, pressure testing, documenting, reporting and fixing bugs, and supporting users.

Contributors are expected to deliver quality. The EDS serves the whole of Equinor, and there is a high standard that must be met before any work is published. New components may trigger additional requirements that must be considered, such as: Are all states and behaviours available for use? Has the new component passed all accessibility testing? Have all considerations been taken for how this component will respond on different viewports? Is good documentation written for both designers and developers?

Core team

The core team are those working for or contracted to Equinor to build and maintain the EDS. The core team are responsible for the leadership and strategic direction of the EDS as a whole. In addition to the responsibilities that a contributor has, the core team:

  • Actively engages with users, customers and contributors.
  • Sets the overall direction of the EDS.
  • Works with the Brand/COM organisation to make sure the design is in line with the branding guidelines.
  • Prioritises requests, backlogs and roadmaps.
  • Support customers by answering questions in the Slack channel.
  • Quality check all work done for the EDS.
  • Fix bugs, add features and improve documentation.
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