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How to add

  1. Locate the Assets tab in the Layers Panel.
  2. There are two ways to locate the Menu component needed:
    • Use the search bar to search for a component grouping name or variation name.
    • Scroll through the folders list and open the grouping needed.
  3. Once the component is located, click and drag it into the frame/artboard.

How to use

  1. Place the Container/Desktop as the bottom layer of your menu.
  2. Toggle the grid layout on/off by using the following shortcut:
  • Mac: Control + G
  • PC: Ctrl + Shift + 4
  1. Stack additional menu components above the Container/Desktop, making sure to follow the top grid within the Container/Desktop.
  • Item + Leading + item are always full bleed/full width.
  1. Select all the Menu layers and convert them to a frame/artboard by using the following shortcut:
  • Mac: Command + Option + G
  • PC: Ctrl + ALT + G
  1. Make sure to name the new group.
  2. Locate the Design tab in the Inspector Panel.
  3. Under the Constraints section, set up the following constraints:
    • Set the constraints to Left & Right and Top.
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