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Product icons communicate key themes and business areas in a clear, simple and branded style. They enhance visual communication, assist with navigation and reduce cognitive load. Product icons do not provide functional interaction---use system icons instead.


The EDS product icons are built on top of the Equinor Brand Center guidelines for iconography.

Product icons are used in app icons, app launchers and splash screens---always with the name of the product they represent. Simple and clear icons require a strict underlying grid. The EDS icons are built on a 48x48px grid. Product icons can scale up, but not down, depending on context in the grid shape.


  • Product icons are not to be used as system icons.
  • Product icons are not used for marketing or decoration.
FigmaExternal linkFigma design for product icons

⚠️ Product icons are to be created by teams and submitted to the EDS. Over time more examples will be available.

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